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Over 20,000 SQ. FT. of climbing terrain and 55 foot walls with exciting, professionally set routes!


5000 SQ. FT. of bouldering terrain with fun features, volumes, kids top-out, and slacklining!


State-of-the-art exercise equipment, training deck, yoga, fitness, and spin cycle classes!


Kids walls, programs, parties, camps, coaching, youth teams, child care, and more!

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How to make your own Doorway Hangboard

Footwork Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a basement or garage space to build their own training boards and campus walls. Nor is it feasible for many to even drill holes to mount a hangboard to their walls. Well, the solution is this little ingenious idea for converting a door frame pull up bar…

Why Technique is More Important Than Strength

FootworkOne of the unique things about the sport of rock climbing is how dependent it is on technique. Many beginners and people new to the sport are often under the impression that getting up the wall requires a lot of muscle. When one first jumps on the holds they find that their arms and grip burn out quickly.…